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main functions

"Breeder-Software" is a software to take on your stock of breeding.

In addition, it offers you the ability to create own fields which you can administrate absolutely flexible and innovative.

With "Breeder-Software" you can take on and evaluate every kind of animals.

Here are listed some examples, which can be administrated:

These are the most important functions of the software "Breeder-Software":

  • take on your stock of breeding inclusive all relevant data, under details you can create and sort your own fields by several criteria
  • these fields appear in the search under the specific appelations in tables etc.
  • useable for als kinds of animals
  • it can be taken on multiple stocks of breeding (for example pigeon breeding, bird breeding etc.)
  • free definable input fields
  • genealogical tree inclusive different views
  • few statistics, for example inbreeding and its consistence, history of weight etc.
  • calculation of inbreeding coefficient without limit of generations
  • value of breeding
  • pairing and tentative pairing
  • exhibits and awards
  • and many other special functions

By these software you have a complete overview about stock of breeding and are able to administrate them very comfortable.

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