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"Breeder-Software" - the 1. highly qualified breeder software for all kinds of animals

Since five years we are programming breeder software in cooperation with breeder. We associated these information with the newest technologie.

The result is an unique, well thought, clearly and particularly affordable software. Convince yourself if it is felicitous.

Optimize your breed by control and selection according to quality characteristics.


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"Breeder-Software" is a software to take on your stock of breeding.

In addition, it offers you the ability to create own fields which you can administrate absolutely flexible and innovative.

With "Breeder-Software" you can take on and evaluate every kind of animals.

Scoutsystems "Breeder-Software" distinguishes itself by a very modern and intuitional handling.

One special highlight is the intended interface to which enables you to offer your horses in realtime.

Please take a look at the most important screenshots of "Breeder-Software".

You will see, that the interface is really comfortable and innovative.

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"Breeder-Software" is been offered in one edition, because it is compatible to all kinds of animals.

In addition you are able to order an update-abonnement for a low duty to be up to date with the newest versions of "Breeder-Software".


The software "Collector-Scout" is based on the common and high performanced programming language "Java".

For effizient storage of data it uses the most popular query language "SQL"..

I am convinced by the comprehensive offer of Scoutsystems Software e.K.and want to buy "Breeder-Software" now to be able to administrate my stock of animals excellent.
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